Monday, February 13, 2017

PTU Leprechauns Way

This tut was written for those with a basic knowledge of psp.
I am using the awesome artwork of  Stella Felice 7
Tube is called Mariana
You need a license to use this art work. Please do not use without a license.
 You can find this art at PFD HERE:

Supplies Needed
I used PSP9 ...but any of them should work.

PTU Scrap kit  " A Bit Of Luck " by Angel Wing Scraps HERE:

Vix-St.Pats 2013-2 Mask HERE:


~Drop Shadow~

~Font of Choice~

So let's start 
(1) New Image  850 x 850  Transparent checked

(2) Copy and paste element 117 to canvas - Drop shadow

(3) Magic wand center of element 117 - modify - expand by 15
copy and paste paper 13 as new layer - invert - delete - select none
Reduce Opacity to 60%
Move below element 117

(4) We are going to place our tube next
if using the tube I used resize to 750 x 800
Centered and drop shadow with the settings I gave you

(5)  element 108 resize by 75% copy and paste place to the right of the frame(ele117)

(6)  element 110 Resize to 94% copy and paste move to the 
right corner

(7) element 16 resized 71% copy and paste move to the right

(8) element 12 resized 62% copy and paste  Place to the left 
of element 16

(9) element 52  resized 35% copy and paste 
place behind element 16 to the right

(10) element 51 resized 19% copy and paste  place in front of element 16

(11) element 53 resized 50% copy and paste place in front of element 12

(12) element 58 resize 29% copy and paste Place on top of elements 16
Image and mirror element 

(13) Element 6  resized 31% copy and paste in front of elements 52

(14) Click on Raster 1   copy and paste paper 1 we are going to add our mask
Layer ~ new mask layer ~ from image ~ select Vix-St.Pats 2013-2 Merge group

(15) Adjust all your elements to your liking - Merge visiable - Reszie to your
liking - Copyright - Save 

I hope you like my tut! Please feel free to send me your version I would
love to see them. Any questions email at


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