This beautiful summer kit is all about barefootin' on the beach
It has 77 beautiful elements and 10 awesome papers
You can buy this kit in her stores
Here is what I made with this awesome and beautiful kit

I hope you like them
Thanks for looking

Dark Angel

This tut was written for those with a basic knowledge of psp

Supplies Needed
I used PSP9 ...but any of them should work.

PTU Scrap kit  " Dark Angel " by  Black Widow Creationz
You can buy it HERE:

PTU Tube from Anna Marine tube 34-1
you can buy this tube at CDO Here:

Mask MPM-Mask 44
Millie's PSP Madness Here:


~Drop Shadow~

~Font of your Choice~

I always start at the bottom of my tag and work my way up.
Use my tag as a guide for element placement. Drop shadow all elements as we go.
So let's get started

1. New image 800 x 800 with transparent checked

2. Open paper 2 copy and paste to canvas
layers - New mask layer - From image - select mask mpm-mask44 -Merge group. Reduce the
Opacity to 60%

3. On to our elements! Remember to use my tags as reference or do your own thing

Element 21 - Copy and paste to left side of you tag

Element 11 - Open and re size 50% - Copy and paste to left side of tag.
Layers - duplicate - image mirror  Adjust to your liking

Element 16 - Copy and paste toward the center of the tag

Element 34 - Copy and paste placed slightly to the left

Element 1 - Copy and paste placed on top of element 34 to the left on the edge

Element 19 - Copy and paste placed to the right of the tag

Element 5 - Copy and paste placed to the right at the end of where element 19 was placed

Element 54 - Open and re size 76% - copy and paste place in front of element  5

Element 20 - Open and re size 62% - copy and paste place towards element 5 adjust so it's next to each other. See my tag for reference

Element 55 - Open and re size 63% - copy and paste place in front of element 5 - adjust element 20 so it's setting behind this element

Element 31 - Open and re size 22% - place element in element 55's hand

Element 53 - Open and re size 50% - place on element 54

4. Now we place our tube! If using the tube I used no need to re size it just place it to you liking or see my tag for placement

5. Be sure to adjust everything and drop shadow.

6. Merge visible layers - Re size to you liking - Copyright tag - I used Effects Clarity on my tag and saved as png. All done!!

I hope you like my tut! Please feel free to send me your version I would
love to see them. Any questions email at


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