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Friday, December 7, 2018
CT Freeks Creations
This kit contains magical elements that are a must have for Witches/Pagans
This kit is great for not only Halloween time, but gives you a chance to show of your 
Pagan side year round. Come join us in a world of spiritualism and magic
This awesome kit has:
73 Elements
2 Frames
2 Word Arts
11 Papers
You can buy this and all Freeks products at these fine stores

Here is what I made with this awesome kit
Hope you liked what you see! Until next time enjoy life 
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
This beautiful Scrap kit has
133 elements
5 frames
16 papers
It's full of beautiful fall elements
You can buy this and all her products at these stores:
This is what I made with this awesome and beautiful kit

I with permission from designer made a FTU cluster frame
FTU/PU only!!
Simply click on the frame and save as png.
Hope you enjoy the frame
Thanks for looking
Wednesday, October 3, 2018

This tut was written for those with a basic knowledge of psp

Supplies Needed
I used PSP9 ...but any of them should work.

PTU Scrap kit "Autumn Melody" by Freeks Creations

You can buy this kit here:

PTU Tube from Ismael Rac
you can't buy this tube anymore but any will work  

Mask: DD_Fall Mask_8

Eye Candy - Gradient Glow

~Drop Shadow~

Your Choice (Forgot which one I used,lol)

I always start at the bottom of my tag and work my way up.
Use my tag as a guide for element placement.

So let's get started
1. New image 900 x 900 with transparent checked 

2. Open your mask and drop down to canvas - C/P paper 3 to your canvas - Layers - Mask layer - From image - Select mask DD_Fallmask_8 - Merge Group

3. On to our elements! Rember to use my tags as reference or do your own thing!

** C/P Splatter2 to canvas your going to center it,you may need to adjust it later as it sets in the center of everything.

** Open Splatter Resize 57% - C/P to center of splatter2 - adjust to your liking

** Open Leaves2 Resize 83% - C/P to canvas, Placing to lower part of your tag. Then Layers - Duplicate - Image - Flip - Image mirror placing to upper right of the tag.

** Open Leaves Resize 60% - C/P to tag placing in upper right corner of tag. Layers - Duplicate - Image - Flip placing to lower left of your tag.

** C/P Wreath Placing in the center of your tag. Everything placed this far should be centered around or in center of wreath. 

** C/P Sparkles placing on the wreath, I placed a little to the left. I also duplicated sparkles to give it a pop.

** Open Watering can Resize 40% - C/P to your tag placing toward the center of your tag.

** Open Bird house Resize 75% - C/P to tag placing next to the watering can.

** Open Mushrooms Resize 50% - C/P to tag place to the right of the bird house. Layer - Duplicate setting it next to the first one.

** Open Cluster Resize 60% - C/P to tag placing it to the right of tag in front of the mushrooms.

** Open Pumpkin Resize 38% - C/P to tag placing it next to the cluster.

** Open Bucket Resize 60% - C/P to tag placing next to the pumpkin.

** Open Pine Cones Resize 75% - C/P to tag placing in front of the bucket.

** Open Rake Resize 50% - C/P to tag placing to the left next to the cluster.

** C/P Ribbon Placing in front of the rake.

** Open Acorn Resize 30% - C/P to tag. Using your raster deform tool tilt the acorn a little to the left and place on left of tag in front of the ribbon.

** Open Word Art Resize 86% - C/P to lower center of your tag. Apply Effects - Plugins - Eye Candy - Gradient Glow with color white and medium in settings.

4. Now be sure to drop shadow all your elements except for the Sparkles.

5. Be sure to adjust everything to your liking.

6.Place your tube of choice to the right of your tag near the word art. If using the same tube as I did I resized it so it's height was 700.

7. Merge visiable layers - Resize to you liking - Add your copyright and save as png.

I hope you like my tut! Please feel free to send me your version I would love to see them. Any questions please email me with what tut at

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
CU Bunch Vol 197
This bunch is a mixture of pinks, white and a small touch of greens
It has 14 elements and 1 paper
Here is the preview of what comes in the bundle
You can buy this and all her products
Here is what I made with this bundle 

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look


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