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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
This tut was written for those with a basic knowledge of psp

Supplies Needed
I used PSP9 ...but any of them should work.

PTU Scrap kit  "ScrapCrys_IB-MelissaDawn-25-3" by Creative Scraps by Crys 
You can buy this kit at CDO HERE: 

PTU Tube from Melissa Dawn 25-3
you can buy this tube at CDO Here:  

Mask: Kristin TD Winter Mask 03 2015


~Drop Shadow~


I always start at the bottom of my tag and work my way up.
Use my tag as a guide for element placement.
So let's get started

1. New image 950 x 950 with transparent checked 

2. Open paper 5 copy and paste to canvas
layers - New mask layer - From image - select mask Kristin TD Winter Mask 03 -Merge group. 
Reduce the Opacity to 80%

3. On to our elements! Remember to use my tags as reference or do your own thing

Snowflake - Open and re size 40% - Copy and paste to canvas 

placing to bottom right side of your tag. Layer-Duplicate-

placing to the top right corner of tag. 

Frame 2 - Open and Copy and paste to center of canvas.

Snowflakes - Copy and paste placing toward the upper left of 
the tag.

Snow - Copy and paste to canvas - Flip image and place to the 

right lower side of tag. Layer - Duplicate- Image mirror.

Ribbon - Copy and paste place to lower part of tag.

Frame 1 - Copy and paste to center right of tag. See my tag 

for placement. Click your magic wand to the center of the 

frame. Selections-modify-expand by 20-selections-Invert. Open 

paper 1 copy and paste as new layer - position to your liking 

hit delete. Now open the icicles and copy and paste them to 

you liking and hit delete. Selections-select none. Now move 

frame 1 above your paper and icicles layers.

Ornament - Open and re size 40% - Copy and paste to your tag 

next to frame 1.

Mouse - Open and re size 50% - copy and paste place on top of 

the ornament.

Leaves 2 - Open and re size 48% - copy and paste placing to 

the center top of frame 1.

Now we will add our tube. If you are using the tube i used 

simply copy and paste to tag. Placing it to the left side of  frame 1. 

Back to our elements

Leaves - Copy and paste to center of your tag in front of 

your tube and ornament. See my tag as reference. 

Lights - Copy and paste - place on top of the leaves.

Bow - Copy and paste - place in the center of the leaves.

Sparkles - Copy and paste - place in the center of the tag.

Word Art - Copy and paste - place in the center of the tag.

4. Now be sure to drop shadow all your elements except for 

the sparkles.

5. Be sure to adjust everything to your liking.

6. Merge visible layers - Re size to you liking - I applied 

Effect Xero Porcelain and then effect Xero Clarity - Add your 

copyright and save as png.

I used Julietta font for the name on tag =) 

I hope you like my tut! Please feel free to send me your 

version I would love to see them. Any questions please email 

me with what tut at



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