Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Merry Meowmas

This tut was written for those with a basic knowledge of psp

Supplies Needed
I used PSP9 ...but any of them should work.

PTU Scrap kit  "ScrapCrys_IB-MarylineCazenave-67-2" by Creative Scraps by Crys

You can buy this kit at CDO HERE: 

PTU Tube from Maryline Cazenave 67-2

you can buy this tube at CDO  Here:  

Mask: Kristin TD Winter Mask 03 2015


~Drop Shadow~

Merry Christmas

I always start at the bottom of my tag and work my way up.
Use my tag as a guide for element placement.

So let's get started
1. New image 950 x 950 with transparent checked 

2. Open paper 1 copy and paste to canvas
layers - new mask layer - from image - select mask Kristin TD Winter Mask 03 - Merge group. 
Effects -Xero Softmood - I used the settings my plug in was set at. 

3. On to our elements! Remember to use my tags as reference or do your own thing!

**Scatter 2 - Open and re size 80% Paste to canvas layer - Duplicate - Image - Mirror. Adjust to center left and right of tag. center should touch or almost touch. Merge down

**Open your tube copy and paste no re size needed if using the same tube. Apply effects porcelain - 
I used the settings my plug in was set at.

**Scatter- open - re size 77% - paste to canvas - layer -duplicate - image - mirror. 
Adjusting the scatter to lower part of tag. 

**Snow- copy and paste to canvas. Rotate 90% free to the right. Duplicate - image - mirror. 
Place to your liking

**Lights- copy and paste down where you placed your scatter

**Ornaments- Open - re size 69% - Paste on tag in front of the cup.

**Branch- Copy - paste - Layer - duplicate - Image - mirror
placing on both side of tag.

**Poinsettia- open - re size 60% - copy and paste - Layer - duplicate - image - mirror. 
placing side by side.

**Poinsettia 2- Open - re size 60% - paste to the center of the red poinsettias. 

**Word art- copy and paste to your tag. Place centered of your poinsettia.

4. Now be sure to drop shadow all your elements except for the mask/paper layer.

5. Be sure to adjust everything to your liking.

6. Merge visible layers - Re size to you liking - Add your copyright and save as png.

For the name on the tag I used Merry Christmas flakes
font size 72 stoke 1.0 
Colors #f7f1f0 foreground & #b90f16 background. 
Apply effects drop shadow at my settings above.

I hope you like my tut! Please feel free to send me your version I would love to see them. Any questions please email me with what tut at shellywoodruffcombs@gmail.com


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